“I came into Condor half way through the Beginners course and was really nervous. I was welcomed by all and felt like part of the family in no time! Although I had a some (minimal) background knowledge of the Spanish basics, I was very shy when it came to speaking. By my third lesson I’d independently written a report and presented it in front of the class with confidence! Not to mention my listening and reading skills have improved immensely. The classes at Condor are highly engaging, suitably challenging and my teacher, Sandra, was encouraging and supportive. I can’t wait to start the next level and continue in my mission to become a fluent Spanish speaker!”


August 2017

“Condor Spanish is by the best and most entertaining place to learn Spanish! I felt apart of a family and was so invested in the culture that it made me book a holiday to South America and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I look forward to continuing with condor and will recommend it to all my friends!”


George, April 2018

“A mi me gusta mucho Condor Spanish! After only 2 months I have learned so much and am already feeling confident to speak Spanish at a basic level. More importantly – the classes are fun and friendly and I am always encouraged to have a try. I strongly recommend Condor to anyone looking to learn Spanish!”


December 2011 

“He estudiado en muchas escuelas de espanol alrededor del mundo y Condor Spanish Academy es una de las mejores = I have studied at many Spanish schools throughout the world and Condor Spanish is definitely one of the best!”



“Condor Spanish is the best School I have come across. The lessons are VERY well structured and material is presented clearly and succinctly. The teacher moves at a steady pace and provides extra attention where needed. The lessons are ALWAYS fun, creative, inspiring and organized. Having the luxury of small classes also makes learning easier! Thank you soooooo much! Thank you for providing the catch up classes!”


June 2009  

“Las lecciones eran preparado bien. Son siempre divertidas, incluso cuando estoy cansado Pienso que las clases son muy buenas.”


April 2008  

“I would like to thank you and especially my teacher for a wonderful seven weeks! Although I found it very hard at times I really enjoyed learning the basics of Spanish at Condor. I felt a real accomplishment to complete the course, especially considering how overwhelmed I felt on day 1! Muchas gracias, hasta luego”.


May 2015  

“I am very happy that I decided for Condor Spanish. I have learned so much in 6 weeks. The group of my classmates was perfect, 6 people in class is good. I look forward to come back and start with my pre-elementary class.”


April 2008  

“I heard about Condor Spanish from a few people who have studied here. I have done five courses so far and all the classes have been a lot of fun. All the teachers I have had are great and proficient in using a variety of learning tools to teach students proficiency in speaking, writing and listening Spanish. Highly recommended”.


July 2011  

“The course totally exceeded my expectations, having my teacher speak Spanish for the whole course I believe doubled my learning and increased my vocabulary without me even realizing it! The teacher was enthusiastic and attentive and kept us entertained. He was extremely patient and explained and repeated as many times as we desired. I am amazed at my ability to read and comprehend a lot of Spanish texts already and although my vocab and writing is yet to be expanded on, my comprehension of spoken Spanish is higher than beginners I believe due to the fact that the teacher spoke only Spanish. I would 100% recommend Condor to anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish and if the dates are compatible with my work I will definitely be continuing to the next level. Thanks!”


May 2008

“I just wanted to let you know that I think you have a great Spanish school with competent, understanding, fun teachers. Congratulations and I will recommend your school whenever I can.”


April 2008

“I’m leaving for Spain on Friday. I just wanted to say, however, how much I have enjoyed my classes with Condor. The structure of the course was terrific and I had an excellent and generous teacher. Having not studied a language since I was in school, I wasn’t quite sure how I’d cope, but I’ve loved it and only wish I’d started a year ago!”


May 2008

“This course has exceeded my expectations. I like the variety of class activities that really help me practice what I have learnt. I like the method of e-mailing homework and it is always corrected and we are given feedback. My teacher was always very enthusiastic and prepared. I really enjoyed the term and I am very pleased to have found a Spanish school where no English is spoken in class. I am pleasantly surprised as to how much I learnt in only one term! Gracias!”


January 2009

“Hola, I would just like to say that I have done short Spanish courses before and this is the first one I actually enjoyed & where the information learnt actually sunk in. Other courses went to fast so you didn’t remember it all. My main problem is the actual speaking & I feel shy to do it but my teachers made me feel comfortable to talk out loud. I loved that the classes were small and that Spanish was spoken at all time. This really helped in the learning process. I’m glad I found you guys!! Thanks & see you for level 4 🙂 ”


May 2011

“Hi there!! No doubts about choosing Condor Spanish Academy, I really really suggest you the School!! I had the pleasure to have private lessons with Felipe and he was amazing!! In few lessons he gives me the possibility to speak Spanish in present tense.
He’s a smiling and kind person, he really understands my language needs! He uses a funny and working way of teaching. Pleasure to meet him and Veronica, she’s also very smiling and kind!
Hope to see you again!”


April 2018

“I would strongly recommend your courses. Each lesson is well planned, activities are varied and there is a good balance between written and spoken exercises. It’s a lot of fun as well. The two teacher I’ve had have been very supportive, informative and interactive.”


August 2008 

“This is the 3rd Spanish school I’ve tried and by far the best. I wish I’d found it sooner! Class sizes were 7 or less which is great as you get lots of attention and help. We always had to speak in Spanish which is intimidating at first but soon passes. The teacher is FANTASTIC and made it really fun and easy to learn.”


July 2012  

“The teacher is enthusiastic, well-prepared, doesn’t make you feel stupid for making the same mistakes over and over BUT is also firm and pushes you to try harder. They have a small class size which means lots of individual attention, plus speaking is not so intimidating. Speaking Spanish the whole time is difficult but rewarding, timing and location suits me well. They gave lots of homework = lots of practice. CSA take the language seriously ie not just tourist Spanish.”



“The class was full of fun!! The teacher was great: well organized and very friendly. Also there were only 7 students in the class, so I could relax and I had a lot of chance to speak Spanish. In the class, time goes very fast. I can’t believe I had 7 weeks class already. I obviously want to take the next class. !Muchas gracias!”



“Fantastic Spanish school with such a positive energy about learning and the teachers treat you with so much respect nothing is too much trouble for these guys. I can’t recommend Condor Spanish enough. Classes are fun and very interactive and you will feel like you have learnt something at the end of your course.”


July 2011 

“I was a bit nervous at first about speaking Spanish the entire class but it wasn’t as daunting as I thought. The 6 weeks passed very quickly and I was surprised how soon I progressed and how much Spanish I had learnt, especially as I couldn’t speak a word when I started.”



“Our teacher embodied all the qualities an excellent teacher requires, a genuine passion for teaching Spanish – a gentle humour and adept at making each student feel very special. Great premises and facilities make CONDOR SPANISH easy to recommend as a first choice to anyone wanting to learn Spanish”.


July 2008

“I found the course challenging but enjoyable. Muy agradable. We moved along at a brisk pace and covered a wide variety of conversation with lots of opportunity for reinforcement of previous learning. I would highly recommend this to others and I already have”.


February 2009

“The beginners course at Condor Spanish is fantastic. The teacher presented the material in a manner that was informative and easy to understand. The atmosphere of the class was relaxed and fun, and I always left the lesson eager to practice my Spanish and awaiting the next class!”


July 2008

“I am amazed at how much I can understand and speak after only 7 weeks. This is the most effective and enjoyable language course I have ever attended. Highly recommended to anyone who plans to travel to Spain or South America”.

Terry (aged 61)

April 2011

“Muy buen curso. Las clases fueron muy interesantes. I absolutely loved and enjoyed the course! The classes were conducted entirely in Spanish by a wonderful teacher who always made each lesson a fun learning experience. I am definitely looking forward to the next level and highly recommend Condor Spanish to anyone who wishes to learn Spanish in all aspects of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Muchas gracias!”


April 2008

“All of the teachers I’ve had at Condor (each from a different country) have been enthusiastic, knowledgeable y muy pacientes. The classes are excellent, really fun and, importantly, nunca hablamos ingls. Having studied at a number of Spanish schools in South America & Sydney, I would recommend this school very highly for all levels”


November 2011

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