Land mine victims
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José Inocencio, a 13-year-old boy, lost both legs in August 2010 due to a landmine accident that occurred in the state of Arauca, northeast Colombia. On his way home from helping his parents harvest cassava, José Inocencio took a short cut and accidentally stepped on a landmine planted by the FARC guerrillas.

With the support of many generous donors, United for Colombia was able to finance two stateof-the-art prostheses and a comprehensive ehabilitation treatment at Otto Bock, a worldrenowned prosthesis manufacturer on February 2011 in Bogotá. Additionally, José received physical therapy and psychological counseling to help him adjust to the loss of his limbs.

José Inocencio is full of vibrant and playful energy because now he can walk again; he can go back to school and even play soccer, his favorite sport. With his new legs, he has the opportunity to continue with his education and finish high school, and one day, he will achieve
his dream of becoming an airplane pilot.

As José Inocencio continues to grow, he will still need on-going medical attention until the end of his treatment plan. With your support, José Inocencio will receive all his prosthetic adjustments and doctor consultations.


Diego is a 20 years old indigenous boy from Puerto Inírida, Guainia. He was part mof the FARC guerrilla group since he was 10 years old, when he was forced to join the armed group because his family was threatened. On December 31st, 2009, he was celebrating new years eve whit his group when he stepped on a landmine causing serious injuries in his body; at the same time, the Colombian Army attacked the camp, and Diego was abandoned by the insurgent group and rescued by the Colombian Army. He was sent to Villacencio, Meta, where he received medical attention but sadly he lost his left arm below the elbow, and right leg above the knee. Now, Diego is under government protection due to his current status with the guerrillas.
At the time he is validating his high school studies and when he finish he wants study Systems Engineering. With your generous help Diego can receive a medical treatment to continue his process of reintegration into society.

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